Often an extension of our 

opportunity study in business services. The purpose of this service is to map all needs of the project (the brief) and their potential outcomes so that a decision to proceed is fact based. Scope may include confirming market vision, schematic design performance, BCA, cost, ESD and stakeholders.



Forward Echelon VC has an 

experienced internal team of cost planners and estimators. We typically utilise the design and construct 

methodology and will produce 

elemental rated estimates and full bill measures which can be quickly market tested. Our focus is on cost performance and value.



Can the project be delivered faster? 

Today speed to market is often critical. Forward Echelon VC and affiliates will prepare a detailed precedence program that lets the client actively test all the assumptions and opportunities with immediate feedback.

Realestate Investment//






Most property investors either don't have enough time to manage their property or they just don't know how to do it correctly. Forward Echelon VC can successfully decide this task. Forward Echelon VC's affilates will always help you get the best tenants and the highest possible rent. Meet the demands and requirements of both the landlord and the tenant. Forward Echelon VC does it correctly and professionally, our work brings profit to the landlord and satisfaction to the tenant. 



Property marketing solutions provide unique services like property websites, virtual tour, hdr photography, window displays, floor plans, sms property alerts & sign boards for estate agents which guarantees you an unfair advantage over your competitors.


You just need to ask yourself which you'd rather have the same worn out and abused, mass marketing campaigns that every one else uses or a genuine competitive edge?


We can help you dramatically increase the exposure of your properties on local regional and national level with unique Intelligent Property Marketing Solutions.


No more wasted Time and Money on property marketing that doesn't deliver! Just an opportunity to control your future by skyrocketing your sales and sending your profits through the roof!



Is set to become one of the critical aspects of a projects success. The market is at full production. 

Clever procurement will substantially improve a projects 


Feasibility Study

Cost Planning


Property Management



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