Forward Echelon Venture Capital  


Forward Echelon VC, headquartered in Kuwait, is focused on Middle East small to mid-cap special opportunities in asset-rich, out-of-favour and/or non-core asset classes. Forward Echelon VC is an independent investment firm. The senior investment team has over 30 years experience in special opportunities and private equity investing.

Forward Echelon Venture Capital provides asset-backed capital solutions to small and mid-cap businesses and investors, in response to borrowers facing limited access to capital from banks and other traditional sources of funding. The firm aims to provide financing for: i) one-off transactions where counterparties are facing significant capital stress and are in need of ‘white knight’ financings, transitional capital or bridge loans ii) repeat funding or lines of credit to corporate asset-backed expansion strategies and iii) asset-backed niche specialty finance firms that are no longer able to service their clients as a result of the banking sector withdrawing their lines of credit. All investments are backed by real estate, other real assets and / or financial assets.

Forward Echelon Venture Capital sources off-market investments through direct relationships, joint venture partners and a select group of introducers. The firm is capital structure agnostic and invests via senior secured loans, second lien loans, mezzanine debt, preferred equity, and, on a selective basis, joint venture equity.